8 Actionable Strategies To Get More Website Visitors

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In this post, I’m gonna show you exactly how to get more website visitors. The secret, content promotion.

Get more website visitors

I’m Hikithe Achumi, the founder of Achumi, the place where marketers turn for higher rankings and more traffic.

And if you want proven strategies that you can use to get more website visitors, you’ll love this article.

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#1 Use Guest Post Bonuses.

How to get more website visitors

Without further ado, let’s start things off with strategy number one, use guest post bonuses. Guest posting is a great way to get more website visitors backlinks to your blog.

There’s only one problem, it’s hard to get people from your guest post to your website. In fact, one industry study found that the average guest post brings in only 50 visitors.¬†

So what’s the solution? Guest post bonuses, with a guest post bonus, you don’t just add a link to your site at the bottom of your guest post, instead, you offer up something that makes someone want to visit your website after they finish reading your post.

#2 Update and Improve Old Blog Content.

improve blog content

Last year, I started a huge new project for my blog. Update every single post that I ever published. Now, it wasn’t easy, but this project helped boost my blog’s overall traffic by 25.71% compared to the previous year. On the surface, 25% more traffic might not sound like a lot, but that 25.71% increase equals 3,000 more visitors every year, which is a lot.

With that, let’s dive into the steps.

First, go to the last page of your blog feed, that’s right, all the way back to your very first post.

Then update and improve that post. For example, I found that an old post from my site was in desperate need of an update. It was so out of date that actually a lot of the content didn’t even make sense anymore. So besides replacing that out of date info, I decided to make the post actually better.

Specifically, I replaced old visuals and images, added new strategies, and all in all, made the post-straight-up better than the old version. Finally, I pushed the changes live and changed the last updated date in WordPress, which boosted the overall traffic to that page by 85.2%.

Rinse and repeat this process for as many posts as you can. If that’s one post, no problem, every little bit helps. If it’s 10, that’s even better. In this way, you’ll be able to get more website visitors.

#3 Comment on Other Blogs.

get more traffic

This is something that I did a lot when I was first starting out. For example, I’d leave comments that added to the discussion, or sometimes I just leave supportive comments for bloggers that I wanted to build relationships with.

And this helped me get on other people’s radar screens without being a pushy jerkface, because, let’s face it, nobody likes a pushy jerkface.

In fact, these comments directly led to invites to write guest posts, and also increased my website traffic.

#4 Publish Content With Data.

Content with data is blowing up right now. That’s because content with data is a great way to help your blog stand out.

For example, a few years ago, Backlinko published a massive search engine ranking factor study. Overall, that post led to thousands of shares on social media and lots of high-quality backlinks. And with lots of social media shares, you’ll get more website visitors.

#5 Syndicate Your Content on LinkedIn.

get more website traffic

Believe it or not, but LinkedIn is blowing up right now. Yes, that LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn now has 645 million users. And despite those numbers, I don’t hear a lot of people talking about LinkedIn, which is good news for you and me because it means LinkedIn is still untapped.

In fact, you can get traffic from LinkedIn, just from publishing your old blog content there.

For example, I recently reposted my blog post on LinkedIn. I literally copied the exact post word for word and despite being an old post that was just collecting dust on my blog, it got 3,800 views, pretty cool.

#6 Blog Post Announcement Newsletters.


It’s no secret that an email newsletter is by far the best way to promote your new content to get more website visitors.

And over the years, I’ve tested about 20 different formats and layouts for our newsletters. And all that testing has led to one big takeaway lesson, simple blog post announcement newsletter work best.

#7 Insanely Personalized Outreach.


If you’re like me, you get generic email pitches all the time. Unfortunately, we’re not the only people that get these annoying outreach emails. Industry studies have found that more people are using outreach now than ever before.

And as you probably noticed, they’re doing it all wrong. Specifically, they blast the same exact pitch, to hundreds of people. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it makes your good outreach stand out.

So what’s the secret to getting your outreach emails to stand out? Personalize every outreach email that you send.

#8 Form a Blog Alliance.

A blog Alliance is where you make friends with other bloggers. So why didn’t I just call this strategy, make friends with other bloggers? Because forming a blog alliance sounds a lot cooler.

Either way, a blog alliance is super important, if you wanna grow your blog. So if there’s another blogger that’s at about the same level you are, send them a quick message so that you can work together.


There you have the 8 strategies that you can use to get more website visitors.

And now I want to turn it over to you, what strategy from this post are you gonna use first? Are you gonna form a blog alliance or try insanely personalized outreach?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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